Pricing Examples for Orders

(Prices are case specific based on: supplies, print size, frame type/ size, as well as shipping costs.)

Some Frames are not available in some sizes.  Special ordering is possible, but prices will differ.

Coming Soon: I can build you a custom frame!

Matted Prints (Framing is expensive! This way you can get the print and frame it later–just specify mat sizing)

6×9 print matted to fit 11×14 frame ——–$29.00

8×10 print matted to fit an 11×14 frame—-$30.00

11×14 print matted to fit a 12×18 frame—–$45.00

16×24 print to fit a 20×30 frame————-$75.00

Glass with Clips (Hang it as is or frame it yourself)

16×20 Glass with 11x 14 print————$50
11×14 Glass with 6×9 print—————-$35
12×16 Glass with 6×9 print—————-$40

Poster (black)  or thin Metal Frames

12×16 print with 16×20 frame———$82.00

14×22 print with 18×24 frame———$95.00

16×24 print with 20×30 frame———$100.00

18×24 print with 22×28 frame———$105.00

20×30 print with 24×36 frame——–$130.00

Barnwood Frames:

11×14 Frame with 6×9 print————–$90.00

12×18 Frame with a 11×14 print——–$100.00
13×19 Frame with 11×14 print———-$100.00
18×24 Frame with a 14×22 print——$150.00

Distressed Dark Wood/Distressed Light Wood

11×14 Frame with 6×9 print————–$45.00

16×20 frame with 11×14 print————$150.00

20×24 Frame with 16×20 print———–$180.00

*Some sizes will not look right with some prints. as they are too large. I will inform you if I feel that this may be an issue with the size that you have selected*



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