The Bath House 2015-

Due to a run in with the code office, my Tiny House was called into question.  I was told to that my house had to leave my property, as they did not understand the concept of the Tiny House.  After months of research and a very tearful back and forth I negotiated to keep my home, and install plumbing in a separate building.  I had already been approved to have a composting toilet, but it was a verbal approval, which was easily forgotten.  I was forced to put in my own septic system as well as bath house with full plumbing, meeting the standards of a dwelling space.  After recovering from this harsh blow to my simple way of life, my father and I seized this opportunity to learn how to use a backhoe, put in electric to my already existing Tiny House, as well as embrace the fun of building!  The project of digging, installing electric, installing a septic tank, and building the bath house began last year in May of 2015.  We hope to be finished with the project May of 2016. Wish us luck!

Feel free to contact me for NYS codes.  I’ll try to help you as much as I can.